Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lovemore... Mince Pies review

Hello everyone so today I have a review of some Mince Pies. These Mice pies I got from Asda for £1.50 for a pack of 4 which I thought was a complete bargain for gluten free foods. especially around the time of year prices are hyped up. 

I have to say these Love more mince pies taste amazing! They are very sweet so you would only want one of them and one is more than enough. I used to be able to take or leave mince pies but now that I have found these I will be buying these each year. 

They don't have any type of pattern on but you can't really expect that for £1.50.
These Mince pies are:
Wheat free
Gluten free 
Milk free
Dairy free
They do say on the back of the packet suitable for people with coeliac which is great considering some Gluten free food is not good for coeliacs, but these are which is great. Also these are Dairy free too which is always an added bonus. Please be aware they have Egg in them. 

The filling is nice (I personally prefer the pastry) but as mincemeat fillings go this one is pretty nice. The pastry however does taste a little bit buttery so that is something to take note off. 

Overall I really love these mince pies they great for the season to be jolly and I really tasty, they are very sweet so as I mentioned earlier this is something to take note off. 

Have you tired these? What did you think of these?


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