Thursday, 26 February 2015

How I found out I had Coeliac Disease

Hello everyone so I thought today I would tell you a little bit on how I found out that I have Ceoliac Disease and also how long I have had it for. 
So around July 2013 I went to the doctors with stomach pains and other bodily functions that no one needs to know about. When I went I had some blood test's done but these came back as inconclusive. When I went to see the doctor again they said about keeping a food diary for a few months to see what foods effected me and how and when etc.
Through doing this I found when ever I ate something with
wheat, gluten, rye, barely, malt or whey powder then I would get the symptoms again. So the doctor said that I had Ceoliac Disease. 
so for over 2 years now I have not had any gluten, wheat..... etc. 

I also found out about a while into my new eating patterns, that if I had Dairy then I would get the same symptoms so that went from my diet as in milk, cheese, etc. I have always been allergic to nuts so that is something that I have always had to live with but my nut allergy is very bad and can kill me so this is something I take very heavy hearted. 

Have you heard of Ceoliac disease? What do you know about it?


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